About Us

We are a PropTech with the goal to help independent real estate agents to stay updated and competitive. We offer a complete suite of services specifically designed for the home listing agent to modernize and simplify the home showing and selling process.


In today’s real estate environment it is more important than ever to offer the homeowner a premium and effective service as well as capture every lead and provide this service immediately and safely.  With homly’s on demand open-house our Self-Tour Kit agents will be able to securely provide safe and instant access to their listings. We started with revolutionizing the old fashion open house signs and custom created beautiful and striking all-day open house signs, equipped with dynamic, automated QR codes that will provide drive-buyers with immediate information about the agent’s listing in their phone, in seconds, without the need of an additional app.  Buyers will have immediate access to request unassisted home touring. Our homly smart home upgrade kit also provides built in live video feed for improved safety and immediate feedback for both the listing agent and the homeowner.  The home buyer will have the ability to get all the information about the home through the simple to create, one click custom home property portal and have the ability to chat live with the listing agent, schedule future appointments, submit offers directly online to the listing agent and to the home seller if the listing agents enables this feature for complete transparency, for today’s more inquisitive home sellers. We have enabled the most essential features needed for listing agents at the click of a button.


Custom property portals, much more than a simple landing page. With several themes to choose from, and with our automated MLS data transfer technology, all the information is instantly imported into your custom property portal. Three clicks and you are done, that simple.  No more wasting hours creating the perfect property website.


Simple to use appointment scheduling tool built into the property portal to better provide access to buying agents and direct home buyers without the hassle of going back and forth for requesting and confirming home visits. The listing agent has the ability to provide the home seller direct access to these features if they choose to do so in the property portal control dashboard.


An dedicated online offer tool is also available on the property website with immediate information to the agent and home seller for complete transparency.


Tour homes independently and safely with with homly’s on-demand open house. No appointment necessary,verification on the spot through live chat feature.

Self-Service Access – A Proven Social-Distancing Lead Gen Tool


Our kit provides on-demand self-service access system for all your listings. Provides “drive-buyers” the safety and ease of unassisted home viewing, and with our complete live video feed keeps the property secure. Your listings can be accessed even if you are not close by.


77% of home buyers shop online and then drive by to see the properties with the hope to get a better perspective, what better option then to turn them into buyers on the spot.


Access On-Demand

Homly’s suite of services, gives homebuyers on-demand access to your listings, even when home seller or listing agent is not available. Prospects can view your listings and their information is provided instantly to you the listing agent and the homeowner if you choose.


Lead Tracking

Last minute potential buyer lead tracking and follow up are easy with the included homly agent dashboard. You can maintain contact with the potential home buyers while they are still in the home through our live chat feature included in your agents homly dashboard. The property portal offers live concierge service to better maintain your home buyer informed through the visit.


Invite them to tour other listings and

provide them useful reports about your listings

Inform the buyers of special promotions and offers.


The Most Secure Access System Available for Your Listings.

Complete control to provide access to your listings.

Anytime you preffer

User’s Identity is Confirmed

Locking confirmed and visits video feed archived for safety and immediate feedback to the home seller.

Keep the seller informed of actual interes in the home with actual visit feedback from visitors.

Help assist listing agent in price reductions if necessary by providing actual feedback from all archived visits.

Compatible with most homes

Redundant secured combination lock options for custom homes with multiple lock access


No additional app required for home buyers. Simpler to use and provide access at your disposal.


They want to do more than online images, or look into windows, They want in convenient safe access.


Most buyers drive around looking at homes on their timetable long before they contact an agent.

They are cautious about contacting for an appointment until they are ready to make that call.


Each homly kit is equipped with:

  1. 2 Custom created beautiful and striking all-day open house signs, equipped with digital beacons that will provide walk-by clients with immediate information about your listing in their mobile in seconds, without the need of an additional app.
  2. A customized to your brokerage front door sign with instructions on how to gain access
  3. A wireless hotspot to provide wireless access to all homes, including vacant homes for wireless door access and safe live video feeds.
  4. A wireless enabled door lock retrofitted and customized with your company’s logo and your agent information for long term lead capture.
  5. Wireless camera preconfigured for safety for safety and security on your homly kit.


Prospects whose identities cannot be verified are able to have their real estate agent confirm their approval for compliance with both parties, and also have the option to set appointments with the listing agent through the property portal appointment scheduling feature included in the property website.


As the listing agent you can choose when to provide access, but the simplicity of the system you can safely provide access on weekends and even on holidays.


How is Homly service different:

We bundled all the services the modern listing agent needs and simplified them in one central location for a much better value.



There is a Solution with Homly’s suite of services..

Our patented system powered by Call-A-Key™ technology gives identity-verified potential homebuyers on-demand access to your spec homes – sun up to sun down, 365 days a year!

Prospects tour your homes on their schedule.

Sales agents can easily handle multiple communities.

You capture valuable lead information and sell more homes.


Home buyers appreciate having independence and control over the home viewing experience.

Listing agents turn drive-by buyers into “drive-buyers”

Listing agents easily control multiple properties safely and efficiently.