Peter VanDam

May 9, 2021

I originally used Homly’s system when it was just released. The biggest issue I had was  shuffling all the showing requests on my listings, I had just been assigned some REO’s and the showing requests were a nightmare, all over the place.  It was no less than 30 showing requests a day I had to manage. Homly offered me one of the first pilot programs for appointment scheduling services and through the portal I was able to keep it under control. The dashboard provides a simple calendar to show all the approved showings and in a pinch I can control all my activity. It’s pretty straight forward, I get an email alert, and the part I like the best is that the email shows me a preview of the showings and I can make a decision and even approve it, right from the email itself, that was pretty efficient.  I think the pricing has changed since then but it’s still much cheaper, since I bundled it with the property website service too. I saved some money that way.  If you want to keep an easy and fast way to control your showing appointments and to impress your seller on that listing presentation I highly recommend it.