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We just saw your sign, are we able to see the house now ?..

Sure, I can confirm your identity in the live video app on the website and unlock the home for you remotely. Just click on the video chat button...

Real estate agents, are you losing listing presentations to modern tech agents or the big online portals?

With your experience and our services you can now better compete and finally level the playing field.

  • Easy to install Self-Tour Solutions for your listings and automated single property website portals. 3 clicks and you are done. Installed in seconds.
  • Turnkey online showing tool that allows you to easily approve or reschedule requested showings directly from your email or text.
  • Online Offers Solution. Manage and control all your offers in your agent dashboard. No additional fee for a separate service.

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    What We Do

    We are a new modern company with the goal of helping all types of real estate agents automate, modernize and fairly compete for that listing presentation. We offer a complete suite of services specifically designed to help new and experienced listing agents modernize and simplify the home showing and selling process.

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    Services Available

    Web traffic

    Homly Offers You Automated & Streamlined Home Selling Features

    Appointment Scheduling

    Manage all showing requests. Approve or reschedule directly from the email or text. The system provides a quick and simple way to pause showings.

    Online Offers Services

    One central location to receive and manage all your offers. Transparent for all agents, buyers and homeowners.

    Property Template

    Simplicity at its core. Enter the the address and the system pulls all data and creates a premium property website with, self-tour option, online appointment and online offers services.

    Self Tour Services

    77% of property buyers shop online and then drive by the properties they are most interest in, long before calling an agent.

    QR & Marketing

    Homly’s smart signs are built with dynamic QR Codes. No app download is required.

    Web traffic

    All system is universally connected for easy tracking of all communication. All visits, appointments, offers and analytics are recorded for retargeting all potential leads.

    12 Mill +
    Property Profiles Available
    24 + +
    Hour Customer Service
    25 + +
    Years Industry Experience
    350 + +
    Property Data Points

    Why Choose Homly?

    Prospects demand DIY service!

    They want to do more than peer in windows of locked new homes – they want in!
    Over 20% of prospects drive through communities before or after traditional sales center hours.
    They drive-by homes on their timetable long before they contact an agent.
    They want to tour a home only when THEY are ready to make a decision or need advice.
    Almost half start driving by homes within the first week of internet home shopping!

    Frequently asked questions

    Self-Tour Service

    The Homly dashboard is located at www.Homly.app. The Log-In button is at the upper right. Access the Dashboard to find additional details about the prospect and their visit(s). In the Dashboard you can also adjust property touring hours, generate reports and store sales notes.

    Your login is your first.last name in lower case letters. For instance, the login for George Washington is george.washington. Your password is assigned to you in your Welcome Letter. If you’ve forgotten yours, use the Reset Password button.

    24 Hours a day– including holidays. Yes, buyers visit properties on holidays!

    Yes, Homly’s patented lock and well-honed process keep the home secure despite being accessible to identity-verified homeshoppers. For details, check out Security Features.

    There’s no need for an agent lockbox. Agents and buyers can both gain access using Homly. Homly tracks all visitor activity, prospects and agents, and sends it instantly to your cellphone and/or computer. You can catch the prospect when they are in the home!

    Yes. Homly provides and tracks the access of workers, inspectors and you’re your staff. Alternatively, we provide a key with each lock to be used/copied at your discretion and placed in a contractor box.

    Homly Lead Alerts with an NA-L will notify you of a lock issue or user error. Dial the Call Center to help you in troubleshooting, clearing the system, replacing the batteries, etc. The rep will advise if a new replacement lock is required.

    Equipment can be branded with agents logo and info and be gifted to the homeowner for continuous branding opportunities. When home buyer uses the wireless lock occasionally they will be presented with the agents information for branding purposes.

    Installing a Homly lock on a decorated model or a home being used as an office is possible by signing a special indemnification agreement since our insurance does not cover contents.

    The Homly system can be programmed to allow access after dusk, as long as you accept the liability and a take safety precautions such as leaving the lights on.. Our normal access hours are sunrise to sunset in your property’s GEO location.

    The Program Manager and an unlimited number of staff can be set up to receive the leads.

    Homly locks have been installed and fixed by agents, builders, marketing staffers, construction supervisors and even husbands. With the installation instructions to guide you through with pictures and text, anyone can install an Homly lock. The Call Center might be reached (408-500-0020)

    Not sure how to get started? Here’s a short video showing you how the app works. For unexpected trouble, redownload the app in case you have an outdated version. In addition, each page of the app has a Help button, which when punched immediately connects you to our Call Center live help. Using the Staff Version of the mobile app provides quick access to any home and eliminates key hunting!

    Be prepared! Carry a small Phillips head screwdriver (we provide one in the Homly Pack), the key to the lock, a black sharpie, 4 fresh AA copper top batteries and your cell phone. Remove the outside of the battery compartment with the small screwdriver and insert new batteries. Use only AA copper top batteries, purchased from a store that turns over their supply often. No-name batteries from a convenience store will fail quickly. Last step, call the Call Center and resync the lock – every time the batteries are changed or when the lock is moved to a new house.

    We wish batteries would last forever! The lock will tell you with a trill upwards and then downwards that the batteries are running low. Here are some best practices to ensure batteries last long and visitors are not disappointed: Always use copper top batteries – Consumer Reports agrees with us that they last the longest. The average installation with copper tops lasts 4-6 months or 60 opens. In a perfect environment, like on our test bench, we’ve had batteries work for 1600 opens. We ran out of energy before they did! Always buy your AA batteries from a store that sells a lot of batteries so they are fresh. Convenience and grocery store batteries are seldom fresh. Proactively change your batteries at spring and fall time.. Avoid propping open the door for hours– this runs down the batteries. If the lock’s knob is hard to turn or makes a grinding noise upon opening, it will run out of batteries quickly due to a poor installation. The parts are not meshing correctly so take the lock off the door and reinstall it. By the way, hanging a heavy key-lockbox from the Homly knob will cause this to happen.

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